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Some thoughts about transmission arts can be found in this diagram made in march 2014 :
Electricity is a woman travelling for love // The secret need for a radio listener // There's no magnetic separation

 A performance for the live taping event by the wonderful E.S.P. TV at the Arts Court Theatre in Ottawa, July 8th 2016.
Also part of the broadcast, live performances by Arturo Brisindi (Hard Science), Ian Birse & Laura Kavanaugh (Instant Places), Maayke Schurer, and a video by Chris Mullington.
With SAW Video's excellent support
Through my residency at DAIMON, I was looking at ways to sense the invisible electric movements happening around us. I built several circuits, some using inductors, antennas, solar panels, ATtiny85, CMOS, op amps...This research led me to realize that radios were the best sensors for what I was trying to do. So I taped radios to my feet and walked around the Filature building. The radios were sensitive but not very versatile, being dependent on the time of the day, weather conditions etc to function at their best.

Signaux est un moment d'écoute des ondes qui nous entourent, transpercent, enlacent, un hommage à la magie du voyage radiophonique.

C'est l'angoisse d'attendre et le plaisir de recevoir un signal quel qu'il soit, c'est l'impossibilité de parfaitement se comprendre, et la renonciation de déchiffrer des informations qui ne nous appartiennent plus. Et le bruit réconfortant du signal devient plus important que son contenu...

Elettra is an outdoor radio intervention which maintains a close relationship with the landscape, a guided tour given by an electronic voice and a network of electrical wires. The work is about wandering, a meditation guided by a psycho-geographical experience of electricity, in pursuit of the conductive and often invisible traces of traveling waves. Les Fées Électricité are, however, a daily, intrusive presence. They are the “weeds” of human communication. Excessive. Feminine?
Performance sonore dans le cadre du lancement conjoint du numéro 31 du .dpi et de ECT Media au Studio XX

Video :
Documentation : Benjamin Garceau et Stéphanie Lagueux
This is an 8-hour special radio programming dedicated to women that make magic with electricity and presented on CKUT 90.3FM every second week of august and september 2014 on wednesdays 9-11AM. Research material is gathered and organized by theme and each show is assembled live in the on-air studio.

Les fées Électricité est une transmission radiophonique à petite portée développée en relation au poste de transformation d’électricité Jeanne d’Arc dans le quartier Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, à proximité du site où la première ligne d’électricité longue distance fut installée au Québec en 1903.
La diffusion sonore comporte plusieurs voix, comme autant de transformateurs de haute à basse tension, et s’inspire du voyage de l'électricité et des sonorités de la centrale : des ondes pures et des parasites. Bien que la politique d’Hydro-Québec s’oriente vers le camouflage des stations électriques pour protéger les résidents des lieux, le poste Jeanne d’Arc est presque intégralement ouvert sur plusieurs rues résidentielles ; accompagné de l’ancienne ligne de chemin de fer, il agit comme une cicatrice à ciel ouvert, témoin de l’histoire du quartier Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. La pièce est diffusée par des résidentes du quartier, traversées par les ondes et en émettant à leur tour...

Ghost Imbiss is a trio with radio artists Anna Friz and Jeff Kolar. Our first collaboration was presented @ ∏-node in the context of CTM Festival in Berlin.

Radio Tricycle est une structure de radio mobile sur tricycles conçue par Andrea-Jane Cornell et Émilie Mouchous. Le duo propose un parcours de déambulation radiophonique à petite portée réalisé sur deux ou trois roues. Voyageant entre «espaces naturels» et réflexions historiques sur la ville, cette performance pour cyclistes joue à créer des contrastes et échos entre l’environnement lavallois et l’univers de la création radiophonique. Les participants de cette procession sont invités à syntoniser leur radio portable FM, contribuant ainsi à cette diffusion radiophonique. Amenez votre bicyclette et votre radio FM portable!

CKUT hosted a John Cage inspired day of programming to celebrate Cage’s Centennial on Wednesday, September 5th 2012 between 9am and 10pm. My contribution :

Improvisation avec termes lexicaux de la Mycologie !


The Montreal Sessions (a 3-hour trilogy) is a collection of recordings around a residency at CKUT Radio in july 2011.

While the two sound pieces of the first cassette were produced as a duo in CKUT's on air studio, cassette II and III each contain a solo piece and a field recording by each artist. The three cassettes come in a unique hand made fabric case with map details.


Rise and Shine - pièce radiophonique - 47'21 - december 2011

Rise and Shine is the first episode of a series of three, Range : Local, Distant, Fringe curated by Radius, an experimental radio broadcast platform based in Chicago, IL.


Noctambulism occurs in the deepest phase of sleep. Sitting up in bed, the unseeing eyes on the noctambulists expressionless face open, as the sleeper arises from the place of rest, to unconsciously navigate the physical environment. Noctambulismes is an episodic aural excursion through the nocturnal expanse of the somnambulist plane.


EMITTERS : Andrea-Jane Cornell and Emilie Mouchous - radios (bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, balcony)
The diffusion of the piece involved everybody and every sound device and object in the apartment : cassette players, radios, people, cars passing down the street, parasites, all integrated as unobtrusive contributions.


a triphonic radio-transmitted piece for a basement and a gallery
Simon Brown, Andrea-Jane Cornell, Emilie Mouchous - march 30th 2011
Galerie Espace Projet, Montréal
Documentation : Patrice Coulombe


On March 23rd, 2011, Simon Brown, Emilie Mouchous, James Schidlowsky and Alexandre St Onge (in this particular incarnation) brought a lot of conspicuous looking suitcases and timers in to the on air studio where they holed up for 2 hours building something out of electronics that was shaped by the tick -tick-tick of their timers... The idea behind their opus entitled Les 11 épuisements was to cycle through all the possible permutations of duos and trios ending with a quartet.


Live at CKUT on New Shit - oct2010