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FÜNF @ Festival Mutek - 31 mai

Magali Babin - Andrea-Jane Cornell - Anne-F Jaques - Emilie Mouchous - Erin Sexton
Sound art/electronic music collective FÜNF (Magali Babin, Anne-Françoise Jaques, Erin Sexton, Émilie Mouchous, and Andrea-Jane Cornell) present an audio-visual exploration of raw electronics and amplified objects, creating dynamic soundscapes that engage the body and mind.  For the most part, the electronic instruments used are handmade creations.


Duo w/ video artist Katherine Liberovskaya @ Anarko Art Lab, NY

This year (the 7th edition) We want to create a festival only with women. From experimental music to live performances, video installations and projections, we have been experimenting a lot with the Anarko Art Lab over the last 6 years.  In previous years the book fair used to be at Judson Memorial church and the Anarko Art Lab and Festival used to be with and at The Living Theater (but unfortunately  TLT was closed last week)
We will be this year at Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, a dynamic multicultural center on Rivington & Suffolfk Streets at April 7 between 7pm until 11:30pm.
The Anarko Art Lab Collective is a collective of new media, visual artists, performers, musicians, dancers, poets, etc. For the past years Anarko art lab has been conducting experimental, interdisciplinary art happenings. The idea is we created a concept (this year the concept is otherness) and it became a Live collaborative multimedia art experience that is both immerse and participatory and we welcome everybody to come for a collective creation and experience.


Quartet w/David Grollman/Floria Nica/Valerie Kuehne @ Spectrum, NYC

Opening from 7p. Food and Drinks.
w/classical music and performances by Coco Karol and Valerie Kuehne

House Band at 8
Performances at 8:30 

House Band - Beninghove's Hangmen - Creeptastic Noir for the Masses -http://beninghoveshangmen.bandcamp.com/

Sonic Experiments in Intensity and Brevity:

Sean Ali/Koh Otera (Japan)

Nick Lyons/Carol Liebowitz

Kid Millions/Spreaders

Andrea Parkins/Dominic Lash

David Grollman/Valerie Kuehne/Emilie Mouchous/Floria Nica


Rise and shine on FMA ! Patch Series, Radius)

Granby Mystère

Granby mystère

Co-création (avec Simon Brown) de la trame sonore de la vidéo
de Christian Leduc et Marc-Antoine K. Phaneuf.


Switched off sound II - Performance dans le noir

Andrea-Jane Cornell / Emilie Mouchous / e.littleforest  / Gambletron / OWLA / Ylang Ylang / Julie Matson
28 février à 19h
Rats9, Édifice Belgo, 372 Ste-Catherine W #530, Montreal, QC
L’édition du 28 février de switched off sound sera une célébration de la contribution des femmes dans le monde de la musique expérimentale, en préparation pour la Journée Internationale de la Femme.
Switched Off Sound est une recherche collaborative au cœur du monde que les sons peuvent créer pour quiconque est à l’écoute. Présentant les talents d’une grande variété d’artistes du son, cette expérience synesthétique prive l’audience de la vue afin d’assurer une ambiance immersive où l’auditif est au premier plan. Lors de ces soirées bimensuelles, vous pouvez vous attendre à entendre de l’art sonore allant du musical au bruit et tout ce qui se trouve entre les deux. Fermez vos yeux, et ouvrez vos oreilles!
February 28th's switched off sound celebrates the contributions of women to the world of experimental music in preparation for International Women's Day.

Switched Off Sound is a collaborative investigation into the worlds sounds can create for a listener. Showcasing the talents of a wide variety of sound artists, this synaesthetic experiment deprives the audience of their sight to provide an immersive experience where the aural comes to the forefront. From this bi-monthly night you can expect to hear sound art ranging from the "musical" to noise and everything in between. Close your eyes and open your ears!


Chillith Fair 2 - DEC 29TH 2012

Come one come all to the second installment of Chillith Fair TONIGHT in Inman Square! If you missed the inaugural event that happened this past October, Chillith Fair is a festival celebrating the awesome and talented ladies making music and art in the greater Boston area. With acoustic melodies, synthesizers, spoken-word poetry, performance art, hip-hop, and everything in between, tonight’s line-up is guaranteed to knock your socks off! Treat yourself to some awesome performances from Bell & the Bees, Turtlecat Symphony, Changeling, Sara June, Gmackrr, Casey Rocheteau, and MORE! Bathaus and Magzilla are set to close the night with their ferocious blend of fresh synth beats and hip-hop. Make the trek through the snow and get down to this seriously righteous show!
Lily Pad, Cambridge, MA


Corps Sonores Re.

Sortie de la compilation Corps Sonores Re.
21 artistes ont chacun composé une pièce en utilisant seulement les sons de l'album Corps Sonores de Shape2.
Avec: Alice Keller, Ambor .G, Artoh, Baby Kruger, BIAS, BR-202, David Fenech, Doug Seidel, equators, Flamen,
Francois Dumeaux, Gmackrr, Joan Frances Tisner, Julien Beau, Le Malinard, Louie Bianca, Nebulo, Piriforme,
Raph Sabbath, Romain Baudoin, Sevenfive.


Radius : Range booklet download

Range: Local, Distant, Fringe  is a three-part, location-based series of radio transmissions that explores the phenomenon of signal strength. The three episodes are curated by Radius, an experimental radio broadcast platform based in Chicago, IL, USA. Radius also published a 24-page booklet in a series of 220, each with hand silkscreened paper covers. 
The booklet features an artist statement for each episode, images, and an extended interview with each artist/group of artists : Émilie Mouchous & Andrea-Jane Cornell, Damon Loren Baker, and Rob Ray.
The booklet is now available for download HERE.
Listen to Rise and shine  HERE.

Groupe psychédélique acadien-gaspésien Mayonnaise Eyeball au Centre communautaire Douglas, à Gaspé, 1974

IRFVNQ - performance

Groupe psychédélique acadien-gaspésien Mayonnaise Eyeball au Centre communautaire Douglas, à Gaspé, 1974

À l'occasion de la 6e Biennale d’art performatif de Rouyn-Noranda de l'Écart...lieu d'art actuel, Le groupe de recherche sur le folklore vernaculaire nébuleux du Québec présentera une performance-conférence retraçant les activités de quatre groupes de musique underground québécoise des années 70.

en collaboration avec Simon Brown

Détail du carré de tissu

Un synthétiseur en tissu - Revue .dpi, Studio XX

La revue en ligne .dpi du Studio XX publie Un synthétiseur en tissu, une pièce sonore centrée sur le rapport entre la voix et la manipulation tactile des contrôles d'un synthétiseur modulaire fait maison.


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