Emilie Mouchous & Andrea-Jane Cornell - The Montréal Sessions

3xC60 cassettes
The Montreal Sessions is a collection of recordings around a residency at CKUT Radio in july 2011. While the two sound pieces of the first cassette were produced as a duo in CKUT's on air studio, cassette II and III each contain a solo piece and a field recording by each artist.
The three cassettes come in a unique hand made fabric case with map details.

CASSETTE I (AJ+EM) - Side A : "and now we go outside..." // Side B : Vociferous vocalizations using id m theft able's "Poems" or "indeterminate compositions" or "doodles" to be "rendered aloud" or just "looked at"
CASSETTE II (AJ) - Side C : Substrata // Side D : Electromagnetic Soundwalk
CASSETTE III (EM) - Side E : Voice piece : côtés d'un corps à faces nombreuses // Side F : Les incroyables oies des neiges de Sainte-Cécile-de-Milton (décembre 2011)