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AEJS - Les 11 épuisements (collaboration)

Or listen-download on FMA !!

From CKUT Radio :

Épuiseurs d'ondes - On March 23rd, 2011, Simon Brown, Emilie Mouchous, James Schidlowsky and Alexandre St Onge (in this particular incarnation) brought a lot of conspicuous looking suitcases and timers in to the on air studio where they holed up for 2 hours building something out of electronics that was shaped by the tick -tick-tick of their timers... The idea behind their opus entitled Les 11 épuisements was to cyle through all the possible permutations of duos and trios ending with a quartet. Each segment is of variable length, all improvised, uncut - with swiss precision timing. Here is the set list:

01. Alex + Emilie

02. James + Simon

03. Alex + Simon

04. Emilie + James

05. Emilie + Simon

06. Alex + James

07. Alex + James + Simon

08. Alex + Emilie + James

09. Alex + Emilie + Simon

10. Emilie + James + Simon

11. Alex + Emilie + James + Simon