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gmackrr - Méditative part I-V

GMACKRR – Méditative part I-V
cd-r on Brise-cul records - aug 2008 - SADE 107

'Everybody in the Montréal circle knows the great person under the moniker of Gmackrr. Emilie M. arrived from France in the Montreal streets a couple of years ago and she performed many fantastic and unique performances with a very great mixture of emotions and great sense of composition. Many of her performance are unique, sometimes with bended toys, laptop or analogue synth. On this long-awaited release on Brise-Cul, mme Mouchous go more on the melodic synth drone side. As the title suggests, Méditative is a collection of melodic analogue meditations to elevate you mind to. When you repeat listening over and over again you will end up being higher near nirvana!'
- Brise-Cul Records