• Posted on: 26 February 2014
  • By: admin
Un-public Tuesday evening session on February 18th 2014 at La Générale Nord-Est, avenue Parmentier, Paris XI. With Vu Nhat Tan (piano, voice), Nguyen Ngoc Kim Hang (voice), Emilie Mouchous (Korg X-911 guitar synth, electronics, voice), Marina Goussina (voice), FlexRex (Korg 770), Jean Bordé (double bass) & Har$ (i-apps, dictaphone, voice). 
The session was organized by E_Rébus, who shot the pictures and videos. Rébus also prepared a fine after-session dinner, together with Nora Magdalena Bilqis Hauswirth.
Released 21 February 2014