Soundlab update

Sometimes you get used to an object-person and even if it leads to dysfunctional communication you'll stick to its clumsy dynamics. What if bringing change makes it even worse ?.. That's how I waited on my soundlab for many months (years aer). The limitations-problems were interesting to dialogue with until I found them constraining. So in the past weeks, 'we' decided to revive what used to be there as well as add a little spice. He's a him by the way, I'd have loved a she, but he's a he. He did need a lot of love and here's how I saved our 'relationship' :)
- fixed the main frequency pot on VCO1 and added a fine tune (it used to mostly just spit a very high-pitched eeeeeeeeeeeee)
- added a sync switch from VCO 2 to 1
- added an extra audio input to the VCF with volume control (minijack, for radios)
- removed an old 4017-driven fixed resistor sequencer. used the existing panel holes for making 1#4 inch jack to banana converter. for the rest of the holes I'm working on a dual LFO turns psycho idea...
- added on-panel triangle and square outputs on VCO 2
- also split the different LFO waveforms into separate CV outputs
It's all about splitting the spit.
- next I fixed the envelope and the mixer which were just dead for months. This brought back the white noise in the mix. It's breathing again and I don't have to play volume knobs exclusively anymore :)
- last but not least : rearranged the power supply section, which left room for a Doepfer antenna-to-CV board. It didn't come with the original antenna so I soldered one up on top of a mini jack.

Well, there's still some things I'd like to change (the spanking sound when I touch the filter CV input...), but have been playing everyday since repair !