Montreal Knows No Wave, No? Compilation

Cassette compilation Montreal Knows No Wave, No?
spring 2012 - ORDERS =

This is a compilation in honor of the Montreal Knows No Wave, No? No! series of monthly concerts that ran from January 2007 to July 2008 at Casa Del Popolo in Montreal.  It gave a stage to any band, mostly local, who felt that they would like to play a series named "Montreal Knows No Wave, No? No!"

SIDE A : cousins of reggae - cache of civilizations (live) // kvik - untitled // grand trine - monochromatic youth // monday morning erection - radio chaude // gmackrr - piétinée // dead wife - junk (demo)
SIDE B : wapstan - total bestial fuckin wars of the north battle command 666 // dreamcatcher - pothole wilds // dead bush - water dub // les gustavo kuerten - basil le nitro est-il capable de trouver le possible // grkzgl - dégueutare
Cover art by Joshua Bastien // Printed by Jacob Horwood // Mastered by Brandon Hocura